What's New

New and Improved Tools!

NCCP's Pathways project has developed four interactive web-based tools. These tools give community-based early childhood coalitions a platform to support systems building and evidence-based strategic planning.

New Partners!

The NCCP Pathways project and Illinois Action for Children are working with community-based early childhood coalitions across the state with the aim of improving Illinois' children's developmental and school readiness outcomes.

Going Forward...

The Pathways website is designed to support coalitions in systems building, evidence-based strategic planning, and community outreach. We are looking forward to working with community-based early childhood coalitions across the country.


Assess and monitor the clarity of a coalition's vision, whether measurable data are linked to the vision, and the engagement of key stakeholders.

Programs and Services Mapping Tool

Map early childhood (formal and informal) interventions in the community by Pathways goals to assess strengths and gaps in services.

Demographic and Community Data Tool

Identify available indicator data and relevant data sources for a community.

Strategic Planning Tool

Guide the development and implementation of an evidence-based strategic plan that addresses outcomes and indicators.