Pathways to Early School Success Framework

The Pathways project and tools are informed by the Pathway to Children Ready for School and Succeeding at Third Grade conceptual framework (Schorr and Marchand, 2007). This framework assembles findings from research, practice, theory, and policy about what it takes to improve the lives of children and families, especially those dealing with difficult life circumstances such as, poverty. The Pathways tools are based on the six areas that have been shown to increase rates of school readiness and success by third grade.

  1. Healthy, Well-timed Births including high-quality prenatal care, family planning, and programs aimed at reducing teenage parenthood.
  2. Health and Development on Track including high-quality child health care, early detection of developmental delays, and the prevention of child abuse and neglect.
  3. Supported and Supportive Families including programs that increase parenting capacity and literacy skills, treatment and follow-up for parents with substance abuse, mental health, or domestic violence, helping families build financial stability, and safe and stable neighborhoods.
  4. High Quality Child Care and Early Education including high-quality early education and child care programs, linking early learning programs to child care to health/mental health, substance abuse, and developmental services.
  5. Continuity in Early Childhood Experiences including curricula and expectations for early childhood learning aligned with K–12 learning expectations, providers of early education, health/mental health, social services, and K–12 schools connected with each other and families.
  6. Effective Teaching and Learning in K–3 Classrooms including conditions that produce and maintain effective teaching and learning (for example, professional development for teachers) and trusting relationships exist within schools and between communities.


Introduction by Lisbeth B. Schorr

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